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Wireless Router

There are many things in your house that could be done easier and faster if you had a computer network. File sharing, internet sharing and very fast and easy file exchange are the most common ones.

A computer network would also provide the capability of printer sharing and multiplayer gaming. A network can be setup via cables or wireless. Our technicians come to your house and discuss with you the possible solutions.

Local Area Network (LAN)

The classic computer network needs to be setup using cables and a hub to connect the cables together. A technician will have to construct the appropriate cables (usually RJ45 type) and setup the software so that the computers can be connected together and share their services. Another option that solves the problems of messy cables is the Power over Ethernet Devices. This means that two computers can be connected together using the powerline, as long as there is connectivity. Our technician will inspect your house and will propose solutions to every problem you may have. After the installation he will discuss with you about the valuable services you may use when you have a computer network.

Wireless Network (WiFi)

The most popular solution of connecting computers together today, is the wireless network. This kind of network, doesn't need cables and transfers data through the air. This makes a much cleaner installation without wires everywhere. Our computer technician will come to your place and discuss with you about the Router (the wireless main device) you will need to purchase. Then he will begin with the setup of the wireless network and its security options.

If you already have a WiFi and you experience connectivity problems with your wireless network then we can come to your place, diagnose and solve your problems. Our goal is to offer you a stable and reliable connection. Network security is one of the main issues these days. Your network may experience low connection speed problems because your nieghbours are using your connection.

Today everybody is talking about stealing internet bandwidth from their neighbours and that is thanks to WiFi networks. If your wireless network is not secure, then everybody can have access to your internet connection or the files you share. This can be easily resolved from one of our computer technicians who will come to your place, check the security of your Wireless Router and configure it to be more secure. He may use any kind of security protocols, such as WEP, WPA, WPA2 or the MAC addresses lock can be used so that you allow access only to specific computers on your house.

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