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Thunderbird E-mail Client

Finally the wait is over, Thunderbird 3 is available for download. Thunderbird 3 has loads of features and options and now it is no more less than Microsoft Outlook, and that it is superior to Outlook in some particular features. They have made it available in 49 languages.

Firefox may get all the attention, but Mozilla's other product, Thunderbird an open-source e-mail client, has its own devout following, and has now taken flight with a new version. Thunderbird 2 was strictly for power users, but version 3 changes all that. It's as simple as pie, having cut down on the number of toolbar options and simplified mail account setup. It also adds tabs and archiving. Based on the same code platform as Firefox, Thunderbird also boasts a wealth of add-ins to customize and extend its capabilities. Unfortunately, it still leaves business users out in the cold, as it lacks Exchange support.

Thunderbird 3 introduces several hefty new features and some long-needed improvements, including an overhauled search and message indexing, tab support, and a revamped setup wizard that's designed to make new account setup quick and painless.

Features at a Glance

  • Tabbed Emails
  • “Tabbed Emails” which helps in opening emails in separate tabs so that you can quickly jump between them. The tabs in Thunderbird are a big improvement for those who need to multitask. Opening an email in a tab is as simple as double clicking on a message to open it in a tab in the background. Thunderbird will also remember what you had open in the tabs when you close the program. The next time you return, the previous mail and searches will still be displayed.

  • Search
  • Undeniably, the killer feature in Thunderbird 3 is the search. The most obvious competitor, Microsoft Outlook, doesn't offer anything that comes close to the level of control that Mozilla has given Thunderbird users. The new search bar is at the top of the interface, and you can change the default Search All Messages to focus on a particular part of the e-mail, filtering down to the Subject, From, Recipient, To, CC, or message body fields, or to a combination thereof.

  • Customizations
  • Thunderbird 3 has lots of customization options, it has loads of add-ons and themes to make over and enhance your user experience. One in particular is the calendaring add-on, Lightning. Lightning is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird that adds an integrated calendar. It is based on the standalone Mozilla Sunbird calendar application, and includes interoperability with Microsoft Exchange servers, Google Calendar, and other calendaring apps.

  • Easy to Start
  • All you need to start using Thunderbird is your name, email address & password, Thunderbird will automatically find your email settings and make the things hassle free.

Thunderbird 3 rates as a top-notch e-mail client, and it's definitely the best freeware one around. It will require some fidgeting to get it to be usable in a corporate environment, but it's far more scalable to user needs than anything else currently available..

Some Screenshots