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Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich feature set. Foxit Reader supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. Its core function is compatible with PDF Standard 1.7.Now with Foxit Reader, you don't have to endure such pain any more.

Foxit Reader goes for the user experience and it does a very good job. PDF files are accessed lighting fast and it comes with several useful features such as internet search, sharing and multimedia support.

Now, just give me one reason why we should continue using Adobe Reader and not switch to Foxit Reader? I'm used to Abobe's interface, some random voice whispers. Well, Foxit Reader has almost the same interface as Adobe Reader, so you won't have to change anything in your PDF habits. Now, if I haven't convinced you, you should install it, play with it and see for yourselves.

With a 1.6 MB file size, Foxit Reader is less than 1/10 the file size of Adobe Reader, and unlike Adobe Reader, it opens instantly. Part of Foxit's "opens instantly" is accomplished not only because of the application's rather small file size, but because it skips Adobe Reader's rather annoying splash window.


  1. Form Designer With new form designer, you are able to add push buttons, text fields, check boxes, combo boxes, list boxes or radio buttons to an interactive PDF form and specify their properties.
  2. Measure Tools This set of tools will help you measure distance, perimeter or area on a PDF page and automatically transform the results into real-world values.
  3. Image Tool Now you can specify a rectangle on any part of a PDF page and then insert an image into that rectangle.
  4. Link Tools You may now add rectangle or quadrilateral links to a PDF file and specify their destination, which can be a page view, a named destination, an external file, or a web page.
  5. File Attachment Tool Now you may attach any type of external files as attachments or comments to a PDF file.
  6. Annotation Selection Tool This tool allows you to select multiple annotations and then move, resize or align them together.
  7. E-mail the PDF Now when you read a PDF file, you can easily send it as an email attachment to someone else.

Once you are there and Foxit is open, you'll be able to perform most of the basic functions and tasks you are used to running in your Adobe Reader. You can highlight text, annotate text with graphics, and then save the revised document.

Fillable forms are supported, as well as the ability to convert an existing PDF file into a text file.


If you're sick and tired of waiting for your PDF's to launch, I suggest you try Foxit PDF Reader. FoxIt has a considerably smaller footprint that Acrobat Reader (at only 1.2 megabytes in size). To install, just unzip it to a folder and run it once to set it as the default PDF reader. After that, you won't have to wait on your PDF reader to launch. Foxit is very fast, and it's free for non-commercial use.