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So, What Can Aardvark Computer Do For You?

Call (732) 698-VARK or (888) 499-6573 and Aardvark Computer will provide high quality Desktop/Laptop Repair for Home and Small Business users at a fraction of the price of other "fix-it" companies. Our customers are our first priority. The goal of Aardvark Computer is to be transparent in fixing the problem, and to be honest about the time and cost it will take to resolve your issue. Our customers can rest assure that we will fix your computer right. We ensure that our services rendered are of such a high caliber that you will automatically look to Aardvark Computer for all your future computer needs. We list our rates clearly for all services because we are proud of our low cost to the consumer.


1. Laptop Repair

Aardvark Computer offers fast and reliable service for hardware repair of your portable computer.

Aardvark Computer repairs or replaces LCD screens, LCD power inverters, DC power jacks, keyboards, hard drives, optical drives, motherboards and memory.

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2. Networking

Let Aardvark Computer set up your home to share your internet access between multiple computers.

Using wireless (Wi-Fi) technology, Aardvark Computer can set up for our customers internet access on your computers without having to run cables to different rooms.

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3. Virus Removal

Virus, Maleware, Spyware and Trojan infections are arguably the number one computer problem experienced by home users today.

Aardvark Computer has extensive experience dealing with malware (viruses and spyware) of all kinds.

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Data Recovery

4. Data Recovery

Oh no, I deleted my files! My hard disk crashed! My computer will not boot!

Do you need data recovery from your hard drive or flash drive? Aardvark Computer can provide you with professional data recovery services and get data back from all means of data storage.

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5. LCD Replacement

Is your laptop screen broken? Do you need laptop screen replacement? Is your laptop screen dim or has weird colors on it everytime you turn it on?

Aardvark Computer can handle laptop screen repair or replacement.

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Remote Support

6. Remote Support

Aardvark Computer will have a look at your desktop or laptop computer remotely, right from our shop.

As long as you have an active broadband internet connection, we can log into your PC and have you up and going without having to physically be there!

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As much as we hate to admit it, computers break; and let’s face it, not all of us know how to fix the problem when it arises. Though some of us do try to fix it on our own, only to find ourselves in a deeper hole. It’s okay to admit you’re not a technician. Aardvark Computer is here to help you in your time of need and get your computer back and working the way it should. For information about our General Repair service, please contact us today; we would be more then happy to answer any of your questions. (732) 698-VARK

Our Mission


Aardvark Computer, has been specializing in providing quality computer repair and support services in the area for several years. With many satisfied clients, home PC users and business owners alike, our company has been acquiring new customers strictly on a word of mouth basis.

We know how to provide our clients with great personalized computer service at an affordable price. If you choose our company, you can be sure that your PC problem will be resolved by one of the best technicians in the area.

Our relationship with Aardvark Computer has continued due to the fact that they understand the importance of service, and have the expertise to interpret our needs and resolve them as quickly as possible. Always a win-win transaction. An incredible value for the money.

- Robert Johnson, Creative Director - EZ Designs

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You can also contact Aardvark Computer via email: help@aardvarkcomputer.org